Learning management system to make employee learning easy
SWN - Southwestern Energy is one of the biggest oil and gas companies in United States. The relationship with train8 started when Southwestern Energy came across to an immediate need to train its employees and vendors. That is when train8 with scalable learning management system came to help. SWN started to transform its content to user friendly digital training modules with easy to use training creation tools. With multilevel assigning functionality SWN was able to separate all its branches, as well as assign modules according to employee location and job description. “train8 is a great tool to organize vendor training. It just takes couple of minutes to create interactive modules with assessments and quizzes. Import tools allow us to easily add our employees to the system. And once the course assignment notifications are sent, our staff starts to login and complete all their compliance modules.” – says SWN. Another great feature that is highly used in Southwestern Energy is the event management system within the LMS. With the built-in event management system SWN is able to organize even offline events for its employees and vendors and tie any course to any event, at the end giving credit to the staff members. train8 is doing everything in its power to make the system better each day working closely with clients like SWN to satisfy all their requirements.

AZZ – AZZ manufactures specialty equipment and components for the power generation, power transmission and distribution markets. With more than 1000 employees in different plants AZZ trusted train8 with all its training modules started from new employee orientation, getting even to compliance. “Being located in completely different states train8 is what we needed to keep our company compliant and have our employees constantly train and improve. train8 helps us to always keep track of our employees. We transform our content to training modules with just a few simple clicks. Our employees always stay up to date with the help of notifications and reminders. Our plant managers always know about every employee’s progress with the help of flexible reporting system.”

The relationship that train8 has with AZZ has come a long way. Our account managers work closely with their plant managers to overcome any issue and listen carefully to any suggestion. Then our technical team starts working on new features. We value our relationship with each of our customers and we know that all of them are different with different needs. That is why we are always open to new challenges and partnership with all kinds of companies, that wish to enhance their employee skills. Just let us know what you want and we'll make sure that you fully comply with all the industry needs and trends.

Learning management system to make employee learning easy
Learning management system to make employee learning easy

Ortho Assist - Ortho Assist has been using train8 as a white label solution. Easy to use training creation system and user friendly shopping cart allows Ortho Assist to provide its high quality content to a number of users and practices. The cooperation aims to provide additional education and training programs to orthodontic practices. OrthoAssist’s level-based training methodology offers unique office learning flexibility when coupled with train8 Learning Management System.

“Together with train8 we achieve a lot more than we did before. We can transform our content to interactive, user friendly training modules in just a few clicks. train8 allows us use any type of content starting from simple powerpoint files to any video file. The extra user friendly shopping cart provided by train8 helps us to find and satisfy more and more clients.”

We value our partnership with Ortho Assists and always seek to constantly improve and become the best partner. We customize our shopping cart each day to make it more friendly and easy to use, so anyone can easily find what they need and not spend any extra time or money. Our white label partners are an important part of our LMS, since one of our missions is to help people and companies deliver their high quality content to as many users as possible.