User Interface
Super easy to use interface simplifies the whole process of your employee learning management process. We want to save your employees’ and your time by creating a platform where you do not have to go through millions of pages and walkthroughs to get what you want.
Tracking System (Reports)
train8 gives you the opportunity to get access to any type of information concerning employee training, progress, results and a lot more by just couple of clicks. Flexible reporting system allows to create any custom report and get instant information with no effort.
We want to fully match your company design and identity. With our custom branding, you will be able to integrate the learning management system and suit it to your company needs.
Communication Tools
Flexible communication tools like integrated emails, notifications, text messages and reminders will ensure the easy training process of all your staff members. You won’t need to use any other software or tool to organize your staff communication in the training process.
Scalable Platform
With train8 you can go as big as you wish. Add as many employees and as many courses as possible without any issues. Whenever you decide to grow your team we are there to support you and provide you with a system which is ready to handle any size of data.
Administrative Functionality
Our goal is to help your company admins to have a flexible system where they can control any information and give multilevel accessibility to each department. train8 allows admins to keep track of anything in a simple way in no time.
Content Creation
We are giving you a tool that will help to easily transform any type of content into engaging mobile-friendly courses. Create customizable quizzes, assessments, professional interactions and reach media. In short, easily create and publish any content.
Event Management System
Apart from taking your staff training to a whole new digital level, train8 also offers an easy to use event management system which you can use to organize both online and offline events. You can tie any course to any kind of event and a lot more with train8.
List of key Features

Training Creation

  • Upload any type of content
  • Supporting SCORM
  • Easy to use training creation tools
  • Create multilevel quizzes

User Management

  • Add as many users as you wish
  • Track their progress anytime
  • Export any info with flexible reporting
  • Create different groups of employees


  • Multilevel assigning system
  • Assign any type of content
  • Create different employee groups
  • Easy to use assignment system

Event Management

  • Create multiple events for your organization
  • Tie any event to any course
  • Give credit for events and courses
  • Organize offline meetings with your team

Tech Support

  • Assigned account manager
  • Step by step guides for all functions
  • Fast response time to any question
  • 24/7 live customer support

White Labeling

  • Use train8 to sell your content
  • Easy to use content import
  • Create your own branding
  • Shopping cart for your content